Solo Travellers Meet +Trip = Thailand

The STM Trip & Meet at Thailand was a thrilling experience altogether for all the travelers and the STM organizers as well. Being one of the most preferred vacay spots, the craze and excitement to reach Bangkok& Pattaya had already kept the travelers in high spirits during their flights. What awaited us all was further excitement forr the chalked out itinerary.
Once the participants gathered at the Bangkokk Suwarnabhumi Airport, it was a fun filled two hours trip to Pattaya. The initial bonding between the Solo Travelers started at the airport itself within the first few minutes of introduction and deepened further during the span of the next 4 days of the meet. Antakshari sessions during the ride to Pattaya, shopping sprees soon after checking in, the dips and dives in the swimming pool followed by interactive session by the pool side at the amazing Plaza Hotel at Pattaya, the late night walks at The Walking Street and the Indian clubs where people danced to the tunes of Bollywood songs and even indulged in Garba in Pattaya were just among the few highlights. The return journey to Bangkok including the stop at the Sriracha tiger zoo, checking in at the luxurious Bangkok Palace Hotel, playing Songkran(Thailand’s annual version of Holi) on the streets of Bangkok with locals using water guns and water balloons, The shopping sprees, visits to Ayuthaya temple, one of the revered places in Bangkok, tasting unheard of Thai varieties at the lit night market and exploring the city streets was something every traveler took to at least on one of the days of the entire trip. Celebrating birthdays, sharing experiences and becoming a part of others’ stories was something everyone cherished and relished.

This meet and trip connected strangers through a common note, the love for travel. Today the STM Community stands strong and people in the same city connected through these Trips & Meets now catch up almost on a weekly basis planning small trips and weekend getaways.

Stay Connected for such more experiences and updates on upcoming trips and meets by STM. #GoSolo Cheers!!!