Solo female travellers meetup ahmedabad

Solo Female Travellers Meetup in Ahmedabad!

So Buckle Up People!!! On Public Demand, we are back to Aapnu Amdavaad!!!

Solo Female Travelers Meetup is back to Ahmedabad, for the 5th time now… So all you Solo Travelers out there, get ready for one more amazing fun filled meet with all the like-minded people, share your Solo Travel stories and spend a great time connecting with Solo Female Travelers from around the globe.

Date: 9th Dec 2018
Time: 1:00 P.M to 5:00 P.M
Where: AMA Ahmedabad

Meet Ankita Singh #SFTMAhmedabad #Speaker

Vice President and Global Head of HR at CIGNEX Datamatics. She has over 15 years of progressive experience in managing and leading various aspects of Human Resources spanning across high paced business domains of ITES.

Ankita holds a PHD in Management and is a Gold Medalist in BBA as well as MBA. She has done HR and Business Strategy related Executive Management Programmes from IIM-A, ISB- Hyderabad and XLRI. She is a certified PPA (Thomas Profiling) Practitioner.

She has been recognized in different prestigious platforms for her contribution and excellence in the field of HR and leadership. She was awarded “Women ICON of the year 2018 by Femina”, “CHRO of the Year 2017”, “Women Personality of the Year 2017 by Femina” and “Most Influential HR Leaders 2017”, to name a few.

Apart from her professional excellence, Ankita is very active in supporting social causes by working closely with various NGOs’ on Child Education and Development. She is an avid traveller, and a passionate photographer. A BUCKET LISTER, who believes that the world is full of must-see places and must-do adventures. Fueled by her passion for discovery of people and places, she feels that active travel is the best way to truly experience the world’s cultures and destinations.

She has Solo traveled through almost all states of India & 9 other Countries

Meet Kulveen Narula #Speaker #SFTMAhmedabad

Talking about our next speaker’s professional background, she has worked with stalwarts such as the Reliance Industries and Tata group, handling their publicity campaigns. Clients like Taj Hotels, Tata Chemicals, Kaya skin Clinic, Vlcc, Star One, Greendiamz, Tata Motors, Titan, Tanishq etc.and as an educator with Udgam School and DLA Academy.

An arts graduate, she holds many skill set certificates in multimedia, makeup artist etc.

Currently She is redefining herself through blogging and traveling.
Apart from covering around six countries in past two years, she has done four solo trips.. that include Thailand and Rajasthan.

Thialand SOLO was laughed upon at.. but she believes it is one of the best family destination.

In last one month she has traveled across the Indian Peninsular region. Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, She missed Kerala because of the floods but saw Neelkaranj at Kodaikanal.

From touching the tip of India at Rameshwaram to going to the friendship gate of Bangladesh.. travel gives you better lessons than books can!!

She believes that You connect your being with nature when on a Solo trip.. you start communicating with nature, and nature does guide you, support you and protect you. We are made of the five elements .. ie. Nature is our source and we must protect it. Let not humans just take over our ruling forces…our GOD, our Nature.

Meet Isha Popat began traveling four years back, as her job needed her to do so. And the next she knew was that she looked forward to it. Head of a young and beautiful team of training professionals, traveling now means an opportunity to feel a new destination and also freedom to be raw and earthy.

A TEDx speaker, life has given her opportunities to talk and express her views before large public.

Traveling keeps her going by getting a chance to converse with her own self and believe in miracles, trust the unknown. She loves to feel the vibe that each place uniquely gives her. Be it a waterfall at Pagsanjan, or a dam in Vindhyachal, a red moon visible from Idar mountain or the unique design an ocean’s wave leaves on sand each time it hits the shore, a vaav in Palitana or great caves created by Buddhist monks at Elephanta and Kanheri.

Traveling is about feeling the amazement of creation around us!

Meet Bhumika Bhavsar #Speaker #SFTMAhmedaad

A Graphic Designer and Documentary photographer by profession, On her very first trip abroad she learned that solo travel was for her.

Bhumika Bhavsar’s photography is best defined by her enduring passion to see the world through the lens combined with her love for art and her desire to capture the finer details of ordinary moments to transform them into long lasting memories through her pictures. A photographer by passion and a graphic designer by profession, Bhumika is a firm follower of her creative instinct in all spheres of life and this instinct continues to be her biggest inspiration. Her academic qualifications include a post-graduate degree in visualization from M. S. University, Baroda, Gujarat, apart from an eye for the finer details. An art enthusiast based out of Ahmedabad, Bhumika is fast making her mark in the world of design, her innate vision of a photographer making her a multi-faceted artist. “Photography is like the heart of my art psyche. I perceive photography as a medium to explore the roots of religion and spirituality” she says. Her trip to Kailash Mansarovar was one of her most spiritually enhancing trips. Seeing the many moods of devotion and the perseverance with which people pursue religion inspired her to capture the moments of divinity through her lens. In her previous assignment where she worked as a photographer for the “Gujarat Yatra Dham”, she got an opportunity to capture some of the finest architectural monuments in the State that define the epitome of spirituality and are a true resemblance of the rich cultural heritage of the people. In her passion to capture this facet of spirituality, She has had the opportunity to embark on an ever continuing journey of self-discovery bringing out her true persona” says Bhumika.

Just as the world is dynamically evolving so is the spiritual intent of the people. through her trips to the farthest corners of the country in her pursuit to capture the multiple facets of spirituality, Bhumika has visited several festivals and Melas, some of which are not known to many of us. Her achievement includes a rare impression of the majestic Kailash Mansarovar and its spiritual grandness, presented as a slideshow for the very first time in Gujarat at Ahmadabad.

Social Cause: Photography Workshops for NGO called GoSerai (USA)
Total Eight Workshops, These workshops were conducted for introducing students to a new skill and pursuit.

Meet Leepi Agrawal #Speaker #SFTMAhmedabad

Born and raised in Ahmedabad, Certified RPA expert by profession and a blogger by Passion.
An author by heart, whose poem made a place in Limca Book of world Records, and a TED speaker

A neophyte into the world of traveling but makes her best into whatever she is.
She was recently a part of travelers community which offered her a mission called Mighty Pen where she traveled 5 different places for 5 different days
She has covered Pune, Lavasa, Mahabaleshwar, Panchgini, Mumbai, Jaipur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer , Kerala, Mysore, Hyderabad, Agra, Mathura including one international trip to Thailand and still counting more.

She doesn’t believe in power of lens and she is pretty okay to carry the lost trend of pen and paper and make her trips as beautiful as it is by sketching for what she has seen or by writing about it, this is her way of freezing the moment.