Sarvina Pathan | Pursuing The Bliss Of Unknown History In Gujarat

Romancing the unknown yet protected heritage, Museologist and an avid hobbyist Sarvina Pathan is vouchsafing serious travel goals as she jazz around the lesser known villages of India in search of old world charm. We feel she literally means it “Jaane Kya Dikh Jaaye,” a slogan by Rajasthan Tourism.

  • Tell us something about yourself

I am an Archaeologist cum Museologist by profession, and my passion lies in photography. I’m always on toes to capture some rare and beautiful moments of nature, history and culture.

  • Tell us about your journey to these lesser traveller villages of India

As an Archaeologist, my work is to visit new places and explore the unprotected or protected monuments. I am profoundly curious about tangible and intangible heritage. Scrambling off to villages in India to trace out some unprotected monuments, sites, ruins, as well as the culture of the particular region has been my regimen.

Recently, I visited some of the lesser known villages of Gujarat like Jambughoda, Shivrajpur situated in Panchmahal district. Some part of these villages are under the jurisdiction of Forest Department and most of the heritage and old buildings are lying in the forest area itself. So, with the help of local villagers, I hiked to these forest areas and found some unprotected structures such as temples, step wells, membranes and also memorial stones.

At this village Chhota Udaipur, I came across several different local tribes like Rathva and Naik. I thoroughly enjoyed celebrating their ritual and occasions like marriage, Holi celebration, the making of liquor in the traditional manner, a hell lot of conversations, and laughing out with them. I’m indeed proud to be part of the heritage directly and indirectly.

  • How many Indian states have you visited?

I’ve traversed to Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Maharastra, Delhi, Rajasthan and Haryana.

  • What are the best and worst parts of being a solo traveller?

The best part is you became mature enough by meeting new people, new experience, new culture. And the worst is you can’t travel and explore each and every corner of the earth because of rules and regulations.

  • Advice for the first time travellers and readers

Just go solo and you will start advising yourself what you have to do and not on the road and in journeys

  • Where are you off to next?

Rajasthan again, I am super excited to explore more and more….