Ansh Mishra | Living the Strangest Hitchhiking Notes from Jaisalmer

On his mission to hitchhike the entire country to experience smiles and humanity, Ansh Mishra has embarked on a long journey without a sou to break the concept of STRANGER and to live kindness. Musafir Ansh is an unusual nomad, insane traveller, and explorer of humanity. Let’s explore through his journeys!

  • Name: Ansh Mishra
  • Tell us something about yourself

I’m 28 years old energetic nomad who is always ready to go on a road to explore humanity & get inspired in every moment to live a life always high.

I believe nothing cost to be kind and to exchange smiles. This is what I can offer to someone who is seeking hope in life. In short, I am a kind believer and friendlier thinker. By profession, I am a Model, Blogger, Writer, Traveller, Entrepreneur and Digital Marketing Expert.

  • How many Indian states have you visited?

I have been traveling in India without any money since February 03, 2017 till now. So far I have visited Indian state- UP, Delhi, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharastra, Uttarakhand, J&K, and Punjab

I firmly believe, “India nahi Ghuma to kya Ghuma.”

  • What’s your favorite destination? Tell us about your journey to that place and how it has changed your perception towards travelling & life.

Every destination is unique and turns favourite once you land. I remember… these few moments of my life on the road from this ongoing 60-day journey till now.

Jaisalmer, Sam: 40 hours without food, but humanity existed.

I was traveling to Jaisalmer from Jodhpur. It was around 300 km. It wasn’t easy to hitchhike and survive without any money. Still, I decided to go and will do. It took almost a day to reach Jaisalmer city where I was hosted at late night, but still no sign of food since morning. My motive was to see Sam. Hence, I started to hitchhike again till Sam that is almost 46 km away from Jaisalmer downtown.

Locals were suggesting me to cancel the plan because of nonfrequent public transport. It won’t be easy to get a lift or any food over there. I was confident enough to start traversing and do my best. I failed to get a lift from the starting point itself, so had to walk for almost 6-7 km to get my first lift. Somehow I reached till Kuldhara and I tried to get some food, but again, it wasn’t a good day. Kuldhara is an empty village which is known for a movie shooting spot now. However, I got a chance to fill my water bottle from the public water tanker. Started walking again and got one lift, this time directly to Sam. I was struggling for food, it was too hot, but I was smiling because finally, I had reached Sam.

Local people were asking for Camel Safari and Jeep Safari. I smiled and denied as I had no money to pay them. I walked almost entire Sam. Eventually, I was dead tired. I was trying to find shade to take some rest. Luckily I got the best resting place in the desert. I relaxed on the sand without any bedsheet in the infinite desert for next 3 hrs.

But I had no food since 10:00 am when I started hitchhiking to Jaisalmer from Jodhpur. It was my 2nd day without a morsel now when I was in Sam desert.

Somehow, I managed and waited till sunset, which was supposed to at 6:45 pm.

Finally, I captured the best moment of life in such an open vast desert without any luxurious life, food, transportation and of course was feeling proud that I’m able to see this without spending a single penny.

Smile, efforts, courage, determination and willpower, altogether kept me going until now. It was around 7 pm when I started back to Jaisalmer city.

Yeah, but let me admit now. I was worried, tensed, even was thinking to break the concept and to use the money as I simply couldn’t survive anymore without food. But..

I tried to stop several vehicles for safe lift till Jaisalmer city, but not even a single person stopped. To beat the frustration, I turned on my favorite songs and started to walk, walk, walk…..

I had covered almost 7 km so far. Suddenly I noticed a car going in that direction. I lifted my hand and he stopped. Thank God! After a few minutes of chatting, he started treating me warm & friendly like his own brother. He dropped me to his own resort KC Camp that is part of Hotel Tokyo in Jaisalmer city. He offered me snacks and tea with sheer entertainment of local folk music and photographs with his entire unit. Eventually, he dropped me 46 km to my destination at late night 11:45 pm.

It simply swept off my feet and I could feel their love & concern for an absolute stranger nomad while standing nowhere in Jaislamer. Such are the people! Absolute human! Kind! Much love!

I never expect anything while traveling solo. Magic and lessons just happen. I was without food for almost 40 hours but did not lose hope, zeal, and dream. So, I got all things like love, care, attention, relationship, family bond, trust and oodles of good food from a stranger.

He made this journey memorable for my entire life. Local places with local people are full of humanity and positivity.

  • What’s your favorite travel quote?

“We can make money always but we can’t make those lovable memories as per our daily routine if not going to explore which is not in our hand right now, so Travel as much as you can.”

  • What are the best and worst parts of being a traveller?

A traveller becomes a traveller by his own choice. So I don’t think there should be any worst part.

The best thing is that you aren’t bound by anything. You get connected with local people, local culture, can explore local places, can share about your places and can learn all even and odd situations.

The family is the first thing which always hits our mind and heart. So it can be an emotional part of being a traveller when they are not close to you during your longer trips.

  • What’s your way of seeing a country?

I always prefer to do hitchhiking. This is the best way where I can connect with any stranger, can know about local life and can explore villages as well as unexplored areas. Learn a different language, culture, history of a place which is not explored become a lot easier and interesting.

  • What’s your favorite kind of accommodation?

Depends upon budget… But first I check for Gurudwara as you will never hear NO from them.  I also prefer homestays in rural areas.

  • Advice for the first time travellers and readers

Try to pack light | Be aware of the location you’re planning to travel | Try to ask local people for places | Keep sharing your current location with your beloved often | Keep updating your social handle for more support | Do hashtag your post | Carry your first add medicine kit | Clothes depend upon weather | Local map if you are on road | Don’t hesitate while asking for any help if you’re in an unknown place

  • Where are you off to next?

Now I’ll be heading to Lonavala, Pune, Kolhapur in Maharastra then Goa, Karnataka, Andhra, Hyderabad, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Himachal, Uttarakhand and eventually J&K