Warm Greetings to All Solo Travellers,

In the break-neck journey of our lives, full of commitments and responsibilities, we resort to adventurous trips to calm our mind and relax our senses. We know that you are one of those solo travellers who travel with a backpack and some handy utilities to get going anytime. For all the adventure lovers and solo travellers, we are organizing a meetup in all the cities. We will be sharing tidbits, pointers, experiences and useful ideas for travelling solo, without any hassles.


Imraan Haneefa IbraheemA global human and heart of Kashmir! Radio guy , photo geek with ready to explore new culture in India! Radio personality, model and foodie! Stay Tuned. #GoSolo

Pratiksha Patel is a botanical advisor and nature interpreter by profession. She is nature and wildlife photographer and loves to explore unknown places and culture. Passion for butterflies has made her travel to different places. She is perfect example of how passion and profession can be combined together toward zest for traveling. #GoSolo

Utpal Vaishnav is an unconventional entrepreneur who runs a mobile app consulting company, authors books, teaches LifeClass and keeps traveling with or without destination! He is fond of engaging in agile travel experiences with little to no planning and dealing with situations spontaneously as they come. He believes that spontaneous, unplanned travels enable individuals to live an intentional and meaningful life. Stay Tuned. #GoSolo

Labdhi Shah is an Artist by heart and Human Resource Professional by profession.She loves traveling. She love paint and write poetry in her leisure time. She is extremely passionate about traveling and understand people from different culture and heritage. He dreams to put her foot prints on every soil and soul.Her deep interest in Architecture and landscape leads her to travel non commercial city’s or countries.She believes traveling is the only school which can teach you to be you. #GoSolo

Meet Rao – He calles himself a “Khushnuma Panchi”. An Ahmedabad-based traveller, singer/songwriter who quit his job to go on solo trips which would inspire him to write songs. His songs talk about life journey, happiness, kids, dream, passion and love. #GoSolo