Meet Music Traveller Meet Rao

Meet Music Traveller Meet Rao, who day dream of Savdhaan India Episodes on his Capital City Journey

Honk. Honk. Horn OK Please. Keep Distance.
Featuring the hippie musician + traveler Meet Rao divvying up his hitchhiking experiences across the country and his irresistible impulse to travel the music world while traveling from Gokarna to Goa. On Road.

Name: Meet Rao

Number of States Visited in India: 09 and on the road

A brief bio

So, what should I say about myself! Isn’t it creepy? Okay. Basically, I’m a traveling musician on a quest for soulful music while sauntering the narrow lanes of India’s most popular places, highway meals, trucks and state buses. Before slogging at the few high profile world of 9 to 6, I was barely strung to music. I was pissed off with my modus operandi and didn’t want my legacy to know about it. Let daddy be cool.

I left everything in Sept 2016 to embark on a musical journey.

Tell us something interesting about yourself, how did traveling happen and your journey so far:

I’m basically from Rajasthan but born and raised in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. With shooting interest in music in college, I found traveling the honest way to make beautiful sounds. Back then, I wanted to do something interesting. I started embarking on journeys, meeting locals and living their stories. Based on these experiences, I compose music. Indian local buses and trains are packed with open entertainment; they’re the main source of my music inspiration. I have made two songs “Banjara” and “Maan Chala.” Recently I have hitchhiked on Bangalore to Gokarna journey. I’m also an active member of an NGO spread across all the major cities of the country. Good network. It keeps my stay and local visit sorted.

An enlightening or awkward experience you would like to share. What happened that day and on those roads?

Something like that. I remember I started my trip with 300 Rupees in my pocket. It was a time of Sept 2016. I quit my job. I told myself I’ll be on my own.

I affirmed adventure. It was damn a tough call. Thoughts ramming. Shall I go or not? Leaving the comfort? Is it gonna be worth? With hitchhike, Maggie and less money banked a part in my journey.
I went to Lucknow first. I had friends there from the NGO. It was pretty comfortable and awkward. I had gorged on Maggie for days and days on my first visit to Lucknow. It was awkward first to hog free Maggie at the campus but then it didn’t have money.

But it took a new turn for me. I had to travel to New Delhi for a music contract with MusicBasti for one of my most celebrated songs. With millions of thoughts jumping, I stood on the highway for a lift. I am from a conserved family and such experiences aren’t appreciated. I followed my gut and balls. The highway was on my spine literally. A trucker gave me a lift. I had made my mind and wasn’t apprehensive. He was kind but drunk. I had to trust him. Savdhan India’s episodes started walking.

He was interesting. But will I reach my destination? What if he kidnaps me? Human barbecue?

Haash!! I reached safely. Thank God! It built my confidence and definitely good learning. I felt it’s good to follow the heart at times. It had worked for me. I was a new traveler now.

Ah, I can’t get over this. What’re your favorite things to do or visit and why would you recommend:

On roads and at hostels. I never see mornings. Jamming till midnight or 02 am and rejoicing with absolute strangers and locals bestow travel bliss. I simply can’t get over gazing at the stars, meeting new people, busking around, jamming late night and absorbing the ocean waves. It keeps the stress at bay. It strengths me to keep going until the woods are dark.

Bucket list. Dying to visit places.

Pondicherry and Bora Bora Island

Any advice you would like to give to the readers

Be connected to one of your friends and keep them updated with your location for safety purpose. Keep posting people to envy people. :p Stock small food packets and biscuits. I prefer masala oats.
Have a hashtag for your journeys. Follow me on #khushnumapanchi

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