Labdhi Shah- Guided by a Stranger in Jordan, Solo unSafe or Super fun!!

Labdhi Shah– Guided by a Stranger in Jordan, Solo unSafe or Super fun!!

How about being guided in a happy-home-in-a-barren-land by a strange man in a strange land? Witness the chaos in the mind, while traversing the infinite desert.

Labdhi Shah is an artist in her own right and a beautiful lady who is kicking around the fantasy-mantasy travel world and living by wanderlust.

Tell us something interesting about you and your journey so far:

I am born and raised in the city of walls, Ahmedabad. Hence, it weaved a curious interest in architecture due to its beautiful and intricate cultural murals in the old landscape and a profound heritage.

I was bitten by travel bug since school days. Imagine my first international and longest trip occurred when I was in school. I visited Nepal for around 21 days covering the scenic route of North East. Since then it has been a fantastic experience every time I peregrinate, I marvel my experience with new itineraries and boundaries.

Unravel your most fearless and free experience on the road:

I have always been an optimistic person when it comes to traversing those foreign lands alone and meeting strangers. Hence, even the worst experiences become the best jokes to laugh on. But still to share for the record, missing a local transportation or flight is the only disaster I feel helpless about.

Jordan (The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan) is a landlocked (almost except the Red Sea) Arabian country in Western Asia with Amman as its capital city. The Holy Grail in popular Hollywood movies, Jordan still dwells in its old charm world with endless tea conversations and beautiful vistas. With gastronomical favors of Amman to opting for the cultural tours of ruins, Jordan trails up for a week’s affair.

So, Jordan was always my one of the dream destinations to visit. I was simply awestruck by reading about Petra and its mesmerizing history. I was being hosted by a local, he is an artist and an amazing person. The day I landed in Amman, he helped to plan my itinerary. I had less time and a lot to do. I was absolutely in rush rush. He helped me to reach to the main bus station. The language being the biggest barrier, he guided me till I reached the bus station. Once I was there I was completely by myself, with my intuition and skills to comprehend hand gestures. My host asked a lady sitting next to me in the bus to guide me as to where I need to get down. I was going to Jerash and Palace of Jordan.

The bus journey started, it was around 45-60 mins from where I took my bus. The lady was accompanied by a man as well. We decided to get down somewhere close to our destination. The lady left giving me the instructions once we arrived but the man didn’t. He insisted on being my guide, I was apprehensive and conscious of all the possibilities in the world.

I tried to avoid and wished him good bye. But that didn’t work and I am happy it didn’t. He not only showed me around in a true Jordanian way but also he helped me get away with international fees to all the historical places. He told me, “I am not interested in anything from you. I am free today and it would be great if you go with good memories from Jordan.”

He also took me to his friend’s place, who had just come back from fighting a war. The stories and hospitality shocked me how we frame judgments about people by just reading tabloids. I could not thank enough to the person who helped me know more about JORDAN than just a beautiful city.

Ah, I can’t get over this. What is your favorite thing to do here and why would you recommend:

Jordan, my love, I can’t get over my trip to Jordan. This is one country where I would never get tired to go again and again.

Back to Arabs. Arabs are famous for their centuries’ old nomadic culture and hospitality. I have experienced that with so much love. In spite of the language barrier, I were treated nothing less than a princess which is something I would never forget. I would recommend everyone who wants to experience the rich heritage of Arab and also the Romans to some extent, kindly visit Jordan. Also, someone who is passionate about Architecture, Petra is purely magical. I was awestruck with it beauty. The rose city will make you feel you are in the ancient era. A bit of déjà vu is always a good idea.

Must visit places in Jordan:

1. Jerash
2. Montreal
3. Petra
4. Dead Sea
5. Wadi Rum
6. Mt. Nebo
7. Ajloun Castle.

How the experience keeps you grounded or anxious?

Every journey unveils my fear and makes me even stronger on the belief that every soul is driven by only one-word LOVE. Meeting more people, absolute strangers across the globe itself makes me humble to comprehend and appreciate what I have as an individual.

Bucket list. Dying to visit places.

Planet Earth in all. For 2017, I would be aiming to visit Egypt and Kazakhstan.

Any advice you would like to give to the readers

Okay, umm, advise… I consider too young to give an advice but I would like to tell that, if you value your life and time then travel. It’s the richest and most serene feeling in the world. To be lost. To be regained.