Solo Travellers Meetup – Ahmedabad Golden to Platinum

Solo travelling is something which has several meanings for different ages. It means adventure, pleasure, exposure, research, freedom etc.. We all have our own reasons for travelling.

Now for STM, it’s time to explore new meanings with the seasoned travellers to learn and understand their perspectives

STM is coming up with meet ups to explore more stories from Travellers Any of Ages!


#Meet: First Speaker, Sonal Sancheti , Partner at Opolis Architects is an eminent persona in the world of architecture. A graduate from CEPT, Post graduate fro the Southern California Institute of Architecture, Los Angeles, Sonal has travelled the world extensively and has been imbibing art and architecture from all over the world and had a keen interest in Traditional Japanese architecture.

Having worked with World famous architect Fumihiko Maki in Tokyo, Sonal has developed her own creative distinctive style and started OPOLIS in 2001 with Rahul Gore and have made it one of the leading architecture firms in the country with their technical expertise and creative vision and their work has been published and appreciated in national and international magazines.