A Vegetarian in Distress in China | Suman Chellani | Solo Traveller

She can’t simply skip the part of her life where she has travelled the world. Meet Suman Chellani, an avid traveller who had rarely bought a flight-ticket during her amazing cabin crew days, but took the world-ride often.

Her profession as an air hostess for Emirates has taken her to places around the world and helped her pursue her global passion and eventually succoured her to receive the crown of Miss Gujarat 2011.

Tell us something about yourself:

I am an anchor by profession and have hosted more than 3K shows in the last decade. I was working for Go Airways and then Emirates as a Cabin Crew for almost 3 and half years in total.

How many countries and Indian states have you visited?

I’ve travelled more than 28 countries- Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy, Norway, Ireland, Japan, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, UAE, Angola, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Thailand, Scotland, Nigeria, etc and around 25 states of India.

Any interesting travel moment

Yes, when I was working with Emirates as an air hostess. It was my first-time that I had a layover in Shanghai, China. Like every time, we, cabin crew go together to a local restaurant for the meal. I didn’t know the fact ere that “most of the Chinese can’t speak ENGLISH properly.” It was a language barrier. However, in the restaurant, we couldn’t read the menu penned down In Mandarin (local language.) We thought to ask a waiter to explain about Chinese cuisines to place the order. Unfortunately, none of the waiters could speak, read or understand English. We moved to another restaurant and the history repeated all over again. My fellow crew members literally scribbled animals on the paper along with sounds of chicken and cow for beef like mooo!!

I am a pure vegetarian. I remember I was dead hungry and was looking for anything in vegetarian. Here, I got the biggest shock of my life. Fish and Eggs were served on my plate as the Chinese consider any Sea Food or Eggs as Vegetarian.

I jumped out of the restaurant immediately and went to a supermarket to buy some fresh fruits for 02 days!

Vegetarians, be very careful in China!!

What are the most popular places to visit

In China, the must go, go places are The Great Wall of China, Forbidden City in Beijing,

The Bund and T Square in Shangai

Tell us about your fears and anxieties when traversing solo. How you keep them at bay?

Fears and anxieties are mere thoughts. One needs to be strong physically and mentally. The world is beautiful to enjoy, but one needs to be fit enough.



What’s your favourite travel quote?


What’s the strangest thing you tried on your travels?

I used to love walking on streets. Stroll on roads alone in a new country without having any knowledge where that road will take me into. Though I always make sure I walk in public areas and safe lanes, but on random streets. I get into conversations with strangers to better comprehend the locals and culture.

What’re your best travel tips?


  • Be very strong whenever or wherever you travel
  • Do the homework in advance about places you visit, such as weather, temperature, what all sightseeing you want to do, what that city is famous for, souvenirs, etc.
  • Always keep cash handy with you. In Unknown country, you may never know where you get stuck
  • Keep taking photographs to collect memories. Haha!

Where are you off to next?

Off to London to host an event