Solo Travellers Meetup Singapore


Glen Francis An avid traveler and adventure, Glen has traveled to 80+ countries, visited over 750 sites (cities, towns, tourist spots, UNESCOs) and done many drive trips. His most recent travels include the Trans-Siberian train journey from Ulaanbaatar to Moscow and St Petersburg and driving from Prague to Warsaw visiting 10 world heritage sites.

His bucket list include
1. See as much of the UNESCO sites in the world
2. Visit all key museums in the world
3. Drive U.K. To Singapore
4. Drive Singapore to end of Argentina
5. Visit a key telescopes to see the universe – Starmus in Norway
6. Visit an aircraft carrier
7. Watch Northern light
8. Do Central Asia train ride
9. Hike Mount Blanc
10. Hike Kilimanjaro
11. Travel to watch NBA, Boxing, WWF once
12. Join world scientist meeting in Sicily
13. Join all the key tech conferences once
14. Learn to drive an F1 car in France
15. Learn Porsche drifting in Finland
16. Speed on a Super car in Germany
17. Drive a Monster car in the USA
18. Visit various vineyards of the world
19. Take the ice breaker to Antarctica
20. Learn how to Motorbike and bike around somewhere Scotland

Besides traveling, Glen is the President and Founder of CIO Academy Asia, he has been in Tech for over 20 years, enjoys food and wine, and loves to solve big problems.

Ria Rahim-Brownsea typical girl-next-door she is NOT. This free-spirited mother of 4 bags sky diving, sunset-watching and snorkeling in clear blue waters as her top favourites. The epitome of #YOLO, between juggling family time, co-running a business in the equine industry and an avid travelpreneur, Ria has been on 74 vacations in the last 5 years and contributes her time to charitable causes at home and overseas.

Ria is on a mission to impact more lives and help more people to achieve their peak life experiences.

Sameer Desai has travelled across more than 50 countries on either work or on holiday. He loves exploring new cultures and food, and makes it a point to get to know as much of the local culture of sights as he can even when he travels on work. He is also an avid photographer and has captured some lovely pictures across the world.

He has lived in India, UAE (Dubai), UK before coming to Singapore where he currently lives with his wife and son for the past 6 years.

Rostihar, or better-known as Missy Rossy is passionate in her career as a nurse and has won, among others, the prestigious Tan Chin Tuan Award in 2016, which recognises promising and talented nurses who are dedicated to advancing the nursing profession locally.

This fun-sized adrenaline junkie also has an on-going desire to help the underprivileged, and have brought her to participate in building homes for them in Cambodia, Bangkok & Indonesia to-date. She has travelled to numerous countries and aims to eventually travel to all corners of the globe

It is through this exposure to different cultures, beliefs and geographical extremities while traveling solo that has enable her to assess and enhance her own appreciation of her belonging in this wonderful world that we live.