Her maiden captaining a boat in tough Adriatic Sea | Sonia Sahni | Solo Traveller

Dwelling on her profound passion of peregrination and ticking her bucketlist every year, Corporate Banker Sonia Sahni is adventurous bitten by the travel bug. She is an inspiring travel blogger and a beautiful photographer.

Tell us something about yourself:

I am simply a traveller. I traverse on every long weekend and take a couple of extended vacations every year. I like to experience new cultures and make more friends.

Have spent over a decade being a Corporate Banker, I have recently bid adieu to my corporate life to propel my travel company named “Ticking the Bucketlist” that specializes in women-only travel. I am also a freelance photographer.

How many countries and Indian states have you visited?

I have travelled across more than 40 countries and most of the Indian states. I along with my husband has backpacked through Europe and enjoyed luxury in South East Asia…. travelling style whether it is a backpacking or long term travelling and even business vacations don’t matter. It is all about having fun!

I have recently come back from a month long trip to South America and Russia.
Any interesting travel moments

The pyramids in Giza, Egypt! I was expecting them to be in the middle of nowhere… far away from the city. Thought that I might need to ride a camel to get there, trudging along in the heat for a few hours. To our surprise, I could reach the pyramids at Giza easily by taking a metro from Cairo! It seemed to be bang in the middle of an upcoming suburb!
Also, an incidence in Croatia, when I tried to captain a boat. This was my maiden attempt. The sea was rough that day and the boat was tossed all around, I found the anchor too heavy to lift…all this in the middle of the Adriatic Sea! Stuck in the middle of nowhere, it seemed like the ideal place to bag some adventure.
Where is your favourite place in the world?

Istanbul is my favourite place in the whole wide world. It is such an enchanting city…culture, history and food. The people are warm and friendly. Somehow, it makes me feel at home.

Tell us about your fears and anxieties when traversing solo. How you keep them at bay?

Typically, I do my homework well before landing in a new place. So, it isn’t very often that I am surprised or have fears to battle when I land. Touch wood, life has been good to me till date…bags have always arrived on time, flights have seldom been cancelled and wallets have never been stolen. Hoping that the good luck charm continues!s

What’re your best travel tips?

Travel to experience, not to tick a box! And remember to do your homework before you land in a new country!

Where are you off to next?
I am off to Isreal and Iceland. There is no timeline to my plans though!